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  • By submitting a completed registration, you confirm your agreement with the "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy" as stated on the website. NOTE: Your account will never be automatically renewed. Members will receive renewal reminders via email as the term nears expiration.
  • Part I of the registration process will reserve an account using your unique email address and self-chosen unique nickname. Email addresses are never displayed on the website, anywhere. They are used internally for identifying members and for mandatory communications.
  • Part II offers four Micro-Dues™ choices:
    • $1.29 for 1 month
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    • $7.74 for 6 months
    • $12.50 for 1 year (19.25% savings)
    Each is paid via credit/debit card. NOTE: You may change your membership term to a shorter or longer term when you renew.
  • After the credit/debit card transaction is approved, you will receive an email confirmation and be able to log on to your account.
  • You may cancel your registration or activation at any time.

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