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What Happens with My Insults?

When signing up, each member will select a distinct, non-duplicated user nickname. Insults/comments will be posted in the order received along with nickname, date, time, and insult recepient's name. Insults remain visible to Members for a period of two full days. For example, insults/comments posted on a Monday will be permanently removed at the end of the day on Wednesday. When posting an insult/remark, members will see the previous 10 posts on a realtime basis. There is an option where members may monitor barbs directed to a specific person, or simply monitor all insults as they are posted.

Statistical Reporting

  • The website will provide members with confidential statistics that track the number of insults received per victim: today, this week, this month, and this year.
  • InsultA(Liberal/Conservative) is a membership-based website. As such, it allows only one insult per political person, per day, per member; so the statistics generated should reflect a reasonably accurate assessment of public views.

Why a Membership?

Having a confidential, encrypted membership database means several things:

  • Financial Support - a membership dues-funded website allows for future development, improvement, expansion, added features, AND helps block toxic trolls.
  • No ADS - the website has no distracting ads, which tend to irritate as they slow down clever political content delivery.
  • Credibility - on its own merits, Member participation generates a higher per-post credibility level than fake news, for example. In the most direct terms: Members pay to participate and to share their most candid, creative opinion input. It's fun to see insults and ideas, and to try topping them, within logical guidelines.

Information We Collect ... BUT Never, Ever Share

Right to Privacy

A member's rights to privacy is of utmost importance. Other than the nickname that Members supply when they register, the only other Member related data posted on the website are:

  1. date and time of insult/comment;
  2. content of insult/idea;
  3. the insultee's name.

Other confidential, member information collected include:

  1. full name;
  2. email address; 
  3. password;
  4. membership plan options, start and expiration date.

None of the confidential information is displayed on the website. A count of the Member's nickname posts is tracked, which is accumulated and reported in overall website statistics. Individual Member statistics are never publicly displayed on the website.

Information NEVER Collected NOR Stored

None of the following personal information is requested, collected, or stored on this website's server:

  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Credit Card Information
  • Social Security Number

Third Parties


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